The Next Generation Surface Protection

Sentry Products are TRULY DISRUPTIVE Coatings and Sealants
in the Environmental Coatings Market Place.

Out Performs and Surpasses Familiar and Popular Brands


You can rely on us for highly effective, sustainable, long lasting, and durable products. 
We provide you with responsive, professional service


Designed for Harsh Environments

  • Moisture Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Chemically Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Exceptional Adhesion to Substrate
  • High Cross-Link Density Internally
  • High Cross-Link Density
    with the Substrate




Lowers Maintenance Costs

  •   Most Coatings Are Permanent
  •   Fewer Cleanings per Year
  •   Easier Cleaning Process
  •   Longevity
  •   UV Resistance
  •   Extends the Life by Years


Hardest Coatings Available

  •   Granite Hardness
  •   Creates Exceptionally Smooth Surface
  •   Reduces Scratches
  •   Resists Wear and Tear
  •   Invisible

Saves Time

  •   Easy and Convenient to Apply
  •   Air Dries
  •   Faster Curing
  •   Most Coatings Dry in Minutes
  •   Most Totally Cure Within 24 Hours
  •   Faster Cleaning Processes


Your Safe Choice

  •   ZERO to LOW VOCs
  •   Safe for Humans and Animals
  •   No Harsh Chemicals Needed For Cleaning
  •   Sustainable / GREEN
Not All Coatings are alike. Sentry Nano-Coatings do NOT delaminate.

Molecular Bond

Not All Coatings Are Alike

Our Nano-Coating cannot
DE-LAMINATE because the coating and the surface have become one


Most coatings form a Mechanical Bond which does not become part of the surface. However, the Chemical Bond that Sentry creates, bonds with the surface thus creating an entirely new, super protective surface.



Out Performs Competition

Out Performs Competitors

  •   Granite Strength
  •   Staying Power
  •   Ease of Application & Maintenance
  •   Compelling Cost Effectiveness
  •   Sustainable
  •   Strong Disruptive Force in
      Coating Industry
Sentry is outpacing the Nano-Technology universe and developing the next generation of Nano-Coatings.

Disruptive Technology

Next Generation Surface Protection

The science of surface protection takes a quantum leap forward with Sentry Molecular Coatings.


Leading edge products employ the very latest 21st century molecular technology to deliver even higher levels of protection. Our products have not simply taken Nano-Technology onto a new level, but surpassed it.

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